Community Groups

Sharing life through community is part of God's design. Connecting with other people over coffee/tea & snacks in an informal space like a living room is vital to building gospel-centred friendships. So we dedicate chunks of our Community Group time to socializing about the latest greatest thing your kids have done, to the sports team you are rooting for, or your favourite show to watch on Netflix.

Our Community Groups are more than social gatherings, however. They’re gospel-centred gatherings in which our primary “landing point” is prayer. We want to play together – “Yes!” – but we also want to pray together. On any given night our Community Groups spend time praying through the sermon from Sunday, over our church and its ministries, and for one another.


Serve the Church.

We think if Jesus showed up to church, the first thing he might say is “What can I do?” “How can I help?” Jesus himself commanded us to “serve one another.” We think one of the best ways to be like Jesus is to serve others. We invite you to consider being part of what God is doing here at Jubilee as we choose to serve one another and the community around us. To discover more about areas of serving at Jubilee, check out some of the following areas below

Serve the City.

Our desire is certainly to be an “outward” facing church. We want Calagry and Area to be a better place because we’re here. As a result, to miss our presence when we are gone, and to have more exposure to the gospel when we’re around. As a result, we’re committed to serving the last, the lost, and least of our city. You can see the local organizations we partner with both financially and personally below.

Burn 24/7

The Burn is a grassroots worship, prayer and missions movement that has swept the globe. Amos 9:11 - In pursuit of 24/7 worship

Serve the World.

“Make disciples of all nations” is a command we take seriously. Our church is committed to giving to missions that reach unreached people groups, bring medical care in remote areas, develop schools in third-world countries, and send teams to serve these ministries across the globe. Below are international missions work we support

Equip International

Rescuing impoverished children in 3rd world nations.

EQUIP International is registered charity in Canada with a goal to rescue impoverished children in 3rd world nations. Equip is involved in a number of nations in providing superb facilities to alleviate systemic poverty and strengthen the family unit.

World Compassion

World Compassion is taking the message of Jesus Christ to nations that are hostile to the Gospel, & empowering local bodies of believers to support the spiritual and physical transformation of lives.
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